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Thank you so much for visiting this website, and much more for wanting to know more about me! I am a professional voiceover artist who has worked (and continues to work!) in the video game industry. Currently, I am a consulting voiceover artist at Earplay (formerly Reactive Studios).

I did voiceover work on and off for the indie video game community in the Boston/Cambridge area. Now, I’ve got a complete voiceover recording setup at home that I currently use to record for clients (or with clients over Skype!).

For a little of my work background, I’ve recorded for Earplay and for Lantana Games‘ Children of Liberty. I’ve also recorded for some yet-to-be-released titles that I’m looking forward to listing here soon!

I’ve also done some work with Defective Studios in the past. All in all, I’m a huge supporter of the local indie video game development scene. I also write Twine games in my spare time 🙂

Twitter handle: @khakhov

Email me here.

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